Thank you for visiting my legislative website. I am honored and privileged to represent the 39th District.

We are facing some challenging times in Washington state. The Legislature must return to fiscal responsibility and sustainable budgets. I am focused on cutting through government bureaucracy, reducing state property taxes, making our communities and schools safer, and dramatically improving our transportation system, especially along the I-5 corridor, WA-9, US Route 2, SR-522 and WA-20. Finally, with economic uncertainty ahead of us, we must encourage small business growth to strengthen our local economy and bring jobs back to our communities.

I am your voice in Olympia. I encourage you to stay in touch and contact me with your questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.

Rep. Robert J. Sutherland
R-Granite Falls
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My Priorities

Holding state government accountable and enacting emergency powers reform

Our citizens need to ensure government agencies have their best interests at heart when they need assistance or direction. There have been too many examples of agency mistakes or failures over the last few years to be confident in them. We must hold state agencies accountable and implement agency reforms that guarantee efficient and effective results.

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Strengthening communities by making public safety a priority

In 2022, with key votes from Republicans, the Legislature was able to pass legislation to roll back some of the bad policies passed by the majority in the previous session. I co-sponsored House Bill 2037 providing a definition on the physical use of force. I am pleased this was signed into law to help our law officers out. However, we must prioritize legislation to incorporate reasonable suspicion back into law enforcement officers' abilities to perform vehicular pursuits. This is vital to the safety of our neighborhoods and communities.

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Providing tax relief and making life more affordable

One of my goals since I arrived in the Legislature is to provide meaningful property tax relief to the citizens of Washington. The last few years I have penciled out a plan that would phase out the state portion of property taxes. This could also help with the affordable housing and homelessness crisis facing our state.

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Rep. Robert J. Sutherland’s Legislative Update: Election reform legislation and other priority issues

The 2022 legislative session is underway and I am working hard for you in Olympia. There are many challenges before us as we work to preserve and improve our state’s quality of life. It is not easy being in the minority, but my colleagues and I are working to...

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Sutherland's plan - eliminate state property taxes

Meet Robert J. Sutherland

Rep. Robert J. Sutherland is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. After serving his country, Robert earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Gonzaga University. He is serving his first term in the state House of Representatives. Robert spent his career researching DNA and developing cancer...

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