Rep. Sutherland sponsors Concrete High School student in the House Page Program

Hannah Hook, a student from Concrete High School, served as a page in the state House of Representatives in Olympia the last week of session, March 8-13. She was sponsored by her 39th District Rep. Robert J. Sutherland.

“It was an honor to sponsor Hannah. I hope she enjoyed getting a firsthand look at how the Legislature works. Understanding our state government and how it works is important for our young people,” said Sutherland, R-Granite Falls. “Hopefully she had a great time as a page, and made lasting friendships with the other pages.”

Hannah enjoys drawing and painting, band, photography and origami.

As a page, Hannah observed the Legislature in action and was responsible for delivering messages and documents to legislators in their offices, committee meetings and the House chamber during floor sessions. She also continued her studies for two hours each day and took part in page school where she learned how a bill becomes a law.

Each week during the legislative session, students 14-to 16-years old from across the state serve in the legislative page program. They must have a legislative member as a sponsor, as well as permission from their school and parents. They are paid $35 per day. To learn more about the page program, visit:


Washington State House Republican Communications