Sutherland introduces bill to cap state property taxes for current and future homeowners

The state's property tax levy rate has increased by 43 percent over the past several years. During that time, the housing market has also experienced record growth. The combination of increased state property tax rates and the increase in home values has resulted in unprecedentedly high state property tax bills, putting an extraordinary financial burden on homeowners.

Rep. Robert J. Sutherland, R-Granite Falls, has introduced a bill that would cap the amount of residential property value that is subject to taxation for state purposes.

“One of my top legislative priorities is to ease the increasing property tax burden on homeowners. Our state property taxes are too high. It's increasing homelessness. It also makes it very difficult for first-time home buyers,” said Sutherland. “This is a simple, common-sense solution with a major impact on homeowners across the state. It will slow the rate of property tax increases by placing a cap on the tax rate when a home's value is assessed moving forward.”

House Bill 2106 would cap state property taxes for current and future homeowners. Under the bill, the residential real property value subject to property taxation for state purposes would be the lesser of that property's assessed value in the assessment year, or of that property's assessed value in 2019.

“The impact property taxes have on the ability for some people to remain in their homes is sometimes overlooked,” continued Sutherland. “For some homeowners, the financial burden of the constant increases is the last straw. They can't afford to stay in their home. Hopefully by creating a cap on their property taxes, many of those who are financially strapped will have a bit of relief.”

Sutherland's bill has been referred to the House Finance Committee where it awaits further committee action.


Washington State House Republican Communications